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At St Brigid's Catholic School our Catholic Ethos and extensive Religious Education Program are seen as defining aspects of our School community. Our school shares in the Mission of the Church, which is based on rich heritage of culture and tradition. A comprehensive Religious Education framework ‘Good News for Living’ underpins what is taught in RE throughout the school. Student growth in faith is encouraged through activities such as regular celebration, prayer and liturgy.

Christian Outreach

St Brigid’s has a long history of support for missionary and charitable activities such as Project Compassion, the Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development ‘Caritas’ and St Vincent de Paul, Legacy, Jump Rope for Heart and emergency relief efforts.

Social and Emotional Learning

In 2017 the school made the decision to initiate a program to support learning at the very beginning of each year. Ready To Learn commenced in 2018 and saw the whole school focus on explicit teaching of expectations and the learning of social scripts to support positive interactions. This highly successful program has continued to positively influence our school community and empower students to express their opinions and feelings and to be ready to learn.

Making Jesus Real

Upper primary grades make extensive use of the program ‘Making Jesus Real In Our Lives’ (MJR) developed by Mr Peter Mitchell from the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office.  

We are a WEST school: Welcoming, Encouraging, Able to say SORRY, able to say THANKYOU.

Community Involvement

           Cenotaph         Anzac Day  

Students from St Brigid’s take part in a number of activities throughout the year that are initiated in the local community.



Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an expression of the philosophy and vision of St Brigid’s Catholic School. Pastoral care permeates all aspects of school life. The Christian ethos of the school is reflected in Gospel values and these values provide the foundation of the school community’s members’ pastoral care for one another. Gospel values are characterised within the environment of genuine care, compassion and love for all members of the school community.

Buddy Program

St Brigid’s has a Buddy Program incorporated into the school structure. Visits from the older buddies are eagerly awaited by the younger classes and provide opportunities for the development of a support network, friendship and learning opportunities for both the younger children and their special buddies. Very often this support continues within the playground.

Student Leadership

The St Brigid’s Student Council consisting of School Captains and House Captains from Grade 6, and Class Councillors from Grade 3 - 5. The council members organise and take on responsibility for student activities, led at celebrations, represent St Brigid’s in the broader community and represent their peers at council meetings. Positive student leadership is encouraged and nurtured at all Grade levels. Responsibilities suitable to age and stage, the setting of realistic expectations and the growth of trust and understanding underlay the promotion of leadership skills for all students.

School Board & Parents and Friends

These parent groups make significant and valued contributions to the life of St Brigid’s Catholic School.

Parent Help Programs

All classes involve parents in student learning in some way. Some classes regularly call on parental (and grandparent) assistance for excursions and activities. Parental assistance is an integral part of school carnivals and the school camp program. Other classes run comprehensive classroom parent help programs, which give students further adult support in literacy, numeracy, motor skills and craft.



The school has implemented The Australian Curriculum from Prep to Grade Six.  This includes learning areas, general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities that together support 21st century learning. 

Good News For Living is the primary planning and supporting document for Religious Education.

The Kindergarten program follows the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. 


Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten provides a supportive and caring atmosphere where children feel comfortable, acknowledged and appreciated and where they are able to learn and develop various skills whilst having FUN!!! It is recognised that children enter school with a wide variation of experience, knowledge, values and attitudes and that each child is unique and learns and develops at a different pace. Kindergarten fosters school and home partnerships which nurture the development and well being of the children. Open communication between home and school is recognised as extremely important.

The Kindergarten program of activities and experiences is designed to engage and support children’s learning in a variety of ways. Primarily it aims to foster the child’s positive feeling of self-worth, to support and extend their innate disposition to learn and to actively promote the development of various necessary skills, and positive attitudes and values.


Targeted Programs

A number of initiatives have been established to support Special Learning Needs students at St Brigid’s. Consistent monitoring of the educational development of all students provides a focused approach for educational support. Special Learning Needs programmes are co-ordinated by the Special Learning Needs Teacher,

Parent Learning

At St Brigid’s Catholic School parents are offered opportunities to extend their knowledge of school practice and thus further support the home school partnership and the learning of their children.

Reporting on Student Performance

At St Brigid’s it is believed that accurate and comprehensive reporting of student achievement, development and performance assists in establishing open communication, improving student learning, assists in establishing future direction, and helps to identify areas of exemplary student performance, as well as areas in need of support and assistance. As such St Brigid’s teachers are responsible for reporting on student achievement to the students themselves, to parents, to other teachers and schools, and to the Catholic Education Office and other statutory education authorities.

Specialist and Extra Curricula Subjects

At St Brigid’s Music, Drama and Physical Education and short courses in Languages other than English are the timetabled specialist subjects. All specialist subjects are taught by suitably qualified teachers.

They attend the Southern Catholic Carnivals for swimming, athletics and cross country, participate in the Grade 5 & 6 round Robin Sports Day and when possible (distance allowing) play closer Catholic schools in netball and football. Grade 6 to Prep students participate in an annual Water Safety program at the New Norfolk Pool. Students also join in local art and cultural events.

Choir, Chess Club, Running Club  are subjects taken on site during non-class time.

An Outdoor Education Program is offered in Grades 4 to 6. This programme consists of grade camps to various locations throughout Tasmania. Many of the activities of the camp are directly related to the curriculum and important aspects of each camp are leadership and Christian Living.

School excursions and incursions enrich the curriculum. This year, historic, environmental, artistic, scientific, cultural and social experiences have been shared by classes undertaking excursions both locally and in the wider Hobart area and incursions have brought musicians, a wild-life photographer and author and actors to the school.

St Brigid’s Catholic School is serviced by contract buses from the following areas: Magra, Gretna, Plenty, Lachlan, Ironstone Gully and Lower Swamp Road. A designated drop off and pick up point within the School grounds is provided for parents using private transport.

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