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Learning for Life


St Brigid's Play Space

Children enter school with a wide variation of experience, knowledge, values and attitudes. Each child is unique and learns and develops at a different pace.

Our program of activities and experiences is designed to engage and support children’s learning in a variety of ways. We aim to foster your child’s positive feeling of self-worth, to support and extend their innate disposition to learn, and to actively promote the development of various necessary skills, and positive attitudes and values.

Kindergarten at St Brigid’s follows the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and provides a supportive and caring atmosphere where children feel comfortable, acknowledged and appreciated. They are able to learn and develop various skills whilst having fun!


St Brigid's technology

St Brigid’s offers your child a comprehensive and engaging learning program based on the Australian Curriculum. From Prep to Grade Six, the Australian Curriculum is now used extensively at St Brigid’s for planning, assessment and reporting of learning.

Our qualified staff consistently strive to ensure current best practice is delivered through engaging in local school and system-based professional learning. Ongoing professional learning, planning, teacher development, and performance targets and professional discussions also continue to support the embedding of the Australian Curriculum.

Access more information on the Australian Curriculum website