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Support Programs

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Students at St Brigid’s Catholic School are encouraged to participate in positive behaviour through goals to:

Be respectful, be your BEST and be SAFE.

The well-being of our students, families and staff is enriched by the presence of Sr Carmel Hinkley, our School Chaplain. Sr Carmel’s facilitates programs to support School community members to deal with complex life experiences.


The RULER approach to Social and Emotional Wellbeing is being implemented throughout the school. This approach promotes emotional literacy, which includes Recognising, Understanding, Labelling, Expressing and Regulating emotions. Four 'anchors' of emotional literacy are taught to help both adults and students to develop skills of self and social awareness, empathy, and to foster a healthy emotional climate in the school.  These four anchors include the creation of class charters, mood meters in each classroom, meta moments and a blueprint for behaviour management. 

Targeted Programs

Consistent monitoring of the educational development of all students provides a focused approach for educational support. A number of initiatives have been established to support students with additional needs at St Brigid’s with programs co-ordinated by the Student Support Coordinator.

Intervention programs for students with specific learning needs and disabilities include literacy, motor skills, speech, play programs, and social and life skills programs.